First half marathon!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Adele's adoption!

It's official! Thank you all for your love and blessings, and to all of our family and friends who shared in our special day yesterday, whether in the courtroom, at the luncheon celebration or with their spirit from afar! Yesterday was a beautiful day and we are truly thankful. Thank you all, again, for your tremendous love! Courtesy of Christian M M. Brady, a full album can be seen here. Thank you, Dean Brady, for capturing such beautiful, heartfelt memories and emotions!

With Judge Grine!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trying not to burst

I literally feel like my heart is going to explode. FIVE days until we finalize Adele's adoption! I don't have any more words other than I CAN'T EVEN.

This is one of those few times in my life I am at a loss for words.

There is nothing to describe this. Nothing to describe the journey we've been on since April 26, when we first met little Adele the day she was born, all wrapped up like a burrito.

There is nothing more to say other than my heart doesn't recognize this feeling.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Running on hummus and chocolate

Just as I set out to do, I conquered my first 10 mile run since March this past Sunday! I actually ran 10.25 miles in 1:32:51, making this my longest run in terms of both time and distance. Saturday I ran 7.5 miles, bringing my total mileage this past weekend to more than 17 miles. And it was cold this past weekend (in the 30s). And windy. And I trained with a lot of hills. And there were sometimes snow flurries. But I made it through and I feel even more ready for Dec. 7!

My appetite is SO weird while I'm training. Sometimes after a long run (6+ miles) I'll be really hungry the day after. And I crave the weirdest things. Usually hummus (since I started training) or chocolate. And I know I'm getting enough protein and iron because I eat fish and nuts and I put organic almond butter in my oatmeal every morning. The past few days the only food that's appealed to me is chocolate. Obviously I've been eating other things, but my usual cravings of fruit, and even fresh dates (gasp!) are kind of absent. I'm not really craving carbs, either, but have been kind of forcing myself to eat pasta, especially after yesterday's 10 miler. I wasn't hungry AT ALL (I was nauseous, really), but I had some leftover gnocchi in the fridge so I had that for lunch. Then I went to the winery with my girlfriends and had some pomegranate seeds and almonds and some fruit (and wine, duh), but nothing too heavy. Then for dinner we had some friends and their kids over so we ordered pizza. I need the energy for Adele, so even if I'm not hungry I eat. And this week, especially, with Sean in Texas until Thursday, it's just me and the baby and the dog, so working full time plus taking care of the baby all night and in the mornings I need to have my energy.

So my eating is weird. I am sure it will be back to normal after the race is over, but right now I want very, very specific things. Almond butter, chocolate and hummus are pretty much the only things that appeal to me right now. Usually I crave a lot of fruit (I normally eat 4-6 servings a day), but I feel now like I'm forcing myself to eat fruit. Also forcing salads.

I know my body and I am giving it what it wants. I am giving it almond butter and chocolate and hummus. And that's just how it is. I have to remind myself that while I've been a runner on and off since 2011, this training is all new to me, and the runs I've been doing since October are longer than any runs I used to do. Even when I was training for my 10 miler last March, the longest run I did up to that moment was about 8-9 miles. And prior to that, my "long" runs were 4-5 miles. Now, my "short" runs are 5-6 miles and my long runs are 10+ miles. So I have to remember this is all new to my body and my body has to adjust.

So I feel really good after this past weekend, and am planning hopefully two more 10+ mile runs before race day. I can definitely count on Thanksgiving morning being a good run day. That and 11/30. Everything in between, with football and holiday travel, will have to be shorter, 5-7 mile runs.

I love it. It's addicting. I will, though, WILL be happy when it's over. It's not that I'm nervous, I'm just a little tired so it will be nice to again fill my free time with sleeping instead of running.

A week from tomorrow is a big day for our family! I feel so incredibly blessed that so many friends and family are planning to join us for Adele's adoption. There will SO much to celebrate next week, starting on Tuesday and going into Thanksgiving.

Yesterday's run was a huge accomplishment for me. A huge milestone. There are lots of those coming up, too. Next Tuesday for Adele's adoption ceremony. My first half-marathon Dec. 7. My 30th birthday on Dec. 22. Adele's first Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.

Every day is a milestone, too. Each day is a blessing, a gift. As the days get darker and colder and waking up gets harder and walking outside gets more chilling, I have to remember the winter, too, is a beautiful blessing. I always rush winter and I want it to go away. I hate the dark and the cold. I shrivel in the winter. I blossom in the warmth and the sun. But I guess this year I decided to embrace the winter by running 13.1 miles in the middle of it.

So here's to you, winter. I guess I'm not mad at you this year. I can't make you go away or keep you from arriving. So maybe I'll just run alongside you and show you who's boss.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Adele's adoption has been scheduled!

Great news!

We just received word of our court date to finalize Adele's adoption!

We are scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 25, 2014. (and YES, on Nov. 25 we will be able to post pictures online!!!!!)

Thank you all for your love and blessings as we continue through this process!

Love and espresso

Last night I had a dream, among many little others, that I was wearing these super high heels and walking on a very slippery floor and I kept falling and slipping and sliding. Almost every step I took I would slide back and forth. Sometimes I would fall, and sometimes I would sway.

In real life, I have everything COMPLETELY IN CONTROL. My job is amazing. I feel I'm both challenged by it and also excelling at it. I am training for a half-marathon and actually, for once in my life, am not beating myself up over skipping a run. I told myself early on that now I have a baby, and she takes priority. And that means less-than training. And I'm OK with that. Our social life is, as it always is, thriving. I was busy with breast cancer events in October, and this month I set up an event to bring together the two other adoptive families in State College that we know. I'm hoping to make it a regular meeting so the kids can grow up together. I'm also scheduling girls' brunches and trips to winery. Family life is great. Sean and Campbell, as always, are loving and amazing. My health (knocking on blocks of wood) is top-notch.

So, in real life, I've got all my little ducks in a row. I have it all and am in control of it all. Full-time job as a writer/editor, half-marathon training, Mommy to a 6-month old, social plans, health, awesome husband who loves and supports me.

And laundry. And dishes (sometimes). And still working on those thank-you notes.

And of course, it's not without struggle. Doing it all is never EASY. But I make do. We make do. We do it. And I love it. But I won't say it's easy. I am just saying I have it under control.

This morning I dropped Adele off at school because Sean had an early work breakfast to attend. Then I went to Starbucks. I made it into my office, blonde roast with a shot of espresso in hand, changed into my heels and sat down at my desk by 8:02 a.m.

Mama got it under control.

Wake up, baby bottle, baby diapering and dressed, breakfast, Mommy dressed, daycare bag packed, coat on Adele, bags into the car, baby into the car and in the car seat, dropped off at school, hugs and kisses and small talk with the teachers, filled out the sign-in sheet, parked my car in the lot, Starbucks, office, 8:02 a.m. Just saying.


And love.

What gets me through? Love. I have so much love in my life. Sean, Adele, Campbell and my family and friends. FaceTiming friends and family while Adele is eating her sweet potatoes, an amazing husband who watches the baby while I get my mani-pedis and go for a run, a GORGEOUS, long-eyelashed, curly haired baby who coos and "talks" to me and puts her arms around my neck and grabs my face and hair and smiles when I smile and looks at me with those big dark eyes. SO.MUCH.LOVE.

I have so much love to keep me going and keep me on top of it all and keep those ducks in a row. Is it easy? No. Do I always make my workouts? No. Do I always get a shower? No. Am I always pleasant and in a good mood? No. Do I always make a healthy dinner? No. Do I always take off my makeup before bed? No. Am I tired? Yes.

But I sing to the baby in the morning and take my multivitamin and more than anything in the world I look forward to being at home with her each night. Tonight we're starting sweet peas.

So it's the love.

And again, espresso doesn't hurt, either.

I have no problem admitting that it's hard to keep it all together. Maybe that's what my dream means. Sometimes I feel out of control. I'm wearing these high heels and walking on a slippery floor, and falling every which way.

The difference is now I can say "no" to myself and others without feeling guilty, and don't feel the need to explain myself, ever. I don't need to say yes to everything. And even though I'm still going through with my half-marathon next month, running - believe it or not - is not my priority. My half-marathon, while I am SO excited about it, is not my priority. My social plans are not my priority.

I don't need to read the book for book club. I'll still be smart.

I don't need to train like crazy for my half-marathon. I'll still conquer it with pride.

My priority is my family. My priority is making sure Adele's diapers are changed and she is fed and happy and warm and cozy and busy.

I have/had this vision of being the "perfect Mommy," with a clean house and pie cooking in the oven, who also works and runs and takes care of the baby and also gets her hair done regularly.

The "perfect Mommy," of course, does not exist.

I can be MY best version of me. I love the imperfection.

I do wear the heels and I enjoy them. And yes, the floor is slippery sometimes. But each time I slid or fell I got back up.

I think I would be bored with flats on a carpet.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Campbell!

On Nov. 12, Campbell turns THREE!

Happy 3rd birthday, Campbell! We love you so much! You are a great protector of our family, and an amazing older brother to baby Adele! Thank you for being so sweet and passionate and playful! 

First night home with our little baby. He was only 7 weeks old. Don't let that "innocent" face fool you; within hours he was tearing up our cabinets and bouncing off the walls.

Again, that "innocent" face. 

Happiest after a walk!

All smiles while outdoors!

Kisses from Dad

Post-surgery matching smiley faces

Another post-surgery snuggle pic. Cams always knows when I'm not feeling like myself. 

Giving me happy birthday kisses for my 28th!

The face of an angel

"Hi, Mom."


He loves our selfies!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Adele's eating sweet potatoes and I ran 9 miles

We started Adele on "solids" soon after her 6 month checkup. Rice cereal was first. She wasn't super into that. And then we began with the "real" foods! Sweet potato this week, and we'll introduce another veggie next week.

Just as I imagined, little Adele LOVES her sweet potatoes, just like her Mama! Right now she's eating about half a pack of Plum Organics sweet potatoes at a time (one pack per day) and supplementing with her formula. As we introduce more foods she will slowly be weaned off the bottle, but that is a ways off. I have to say, feeding her food is SO much fun! It gets all over her face and bib and hands, and Campbell cannot keep his tongue away from her high chair. It is such a joyous experience introducing her to the beautiful, wonderful tastes of the world. I can't wait until she starts on more foods. I knew, just KNEW she would love eating! It warms my heart the way nothing else does, watching her figure out what's in her mouth and how to swallow it, and then, in her own little adorable way, ask for more. A warmth I can't explain.

Half-marathon training is going better than I expected! With less than one month to go, I've already cleared a 9.5 mile run; going for 10-11 this weekend. During the week I've been doing 3 or 4 mile runs at the gym after work, 1-3 times a week. On the weekends, depending on what we have going on, I'll run 7+ miles on Saturday or Sunday or both. This past Sunday I ran 9.5 which is pretty good considering I partied the night before for Rebecca and Brian's wedding. (Pic included of my newish peplum dress!)

So the running goes well. It really is addicting. Each time I complete a run I want to go longer next time. My pace has improved, and definitely so has my endurance. In no way is it easy, but this is a challenge I love, and instead of dreading my half, I am SO excited for it. My goal with training is just to train the best I can, which means some weekends I won't be running at all, and if it I can make it to the gym after work even twice a week then that's good. And the half itself? Just that I finish. Right now I'm running an average pace of 9:15. That may or may not improve by race day, and even if it doesn't that's fine. I just want to finish, and should be able to in a little over two hours. The course will be hilly, though, so I'm taking that into consideration. Also, it will be DECEMBER, which means cold, wind and possible snow. So while on a spring or fall day I could probably run a half marathon in two hours, this time may be different and this one may take longer, and I'm not going to let that upset me. I just want to finish just to say I did it.

Any day now we will get our court date for Adele. Keep checking the "Adele" page for updates. We are so close.

More parties and travel coming up, and soon it will be baby's first Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, and my 30th birthday!

Feeling very blessed, even as this cold weather sets in. We keep moving. I know how to pace, I know when to push. In running, in life.
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